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Why Every Business Needs a Website

Table of Contents

Table of Content

  1. Leads
  2. Credibility and Trust
  3. Brand or Identity
  4. Organic Traffic and Search Engine Visibility
  5. Customer Service
  6. Updates And Announcements
  7. Digital Marketing
why every business needs a website

In this post i’ve made a list of my best 8 reasons why every business needs a website, and how to go about getting one if you need it.

By now, a world without the internet is unimaginable. Connecting billions of people worldwide, the internet is a core pillar of the modern information society. with over 4.66 billion active internet users as of October 2020, encompassing 59 percent of the global population, the internet has become something we can almost not do without.

In Recent years more and more Business have taken advantage of the internet by hosting their websites online and taking advantage of the digital world to increase sells, brand awareness and lots more.

A online presence regardless of industry of a business can have a massive impact on the success of that business. In this day and age, some businesses still don’t realize that a majority of their customers will visit their website before making a purchase.

Having a strong online presence, particularly a website, can be make or break for generating more revenue. Yes, the quality of your website impacts results, but the purpose of this article to stress the importance of making sure you have a website.

While some businesses feels its too costly to host a website online others feel they cant handle the technical issues involved and don’t even know how to go about it. So here are the 8 Reasons why every business needs a website.

1. Leads

Leads Lead Magnets Modern  - jmexclusives / Pixabay

Perhaps one of the most important reasons to have a website for your business is because it can increase your chances of getting leads.

Once people find your business online and become interested in your product or service and want to know more information, they’ll know how to contact you thanks to the information on your website, this can be done using contact forms or call back forms or using the contact information provided by you in your website. this gives you the opportunity to increase your sales. Even though websites have a cost, when used correctly, they can increase sells a lot.

Credibility and Trust

Town Sign Place Name Sign  - geralt / Pixabay

One of the main reasons you should have a website for your business is to increase your organization’s credibility and customer trust. in a competitive market environment chances are there are several other providers offering or providing a similar service to yours. One way you can stand out is by having a website that looks good and clearly communicates quality information to your consumers.

Without a website, people may have doubts about the legitimacy of your business. Having a website is an opportunity to make a great first impression and give people comfort that you’re a real business.

Also with a website you can show recent reviews of your customers and ratings about how good your services are, that alone can increase your sales.

Brand or Identity

Cat Branding Animal Brand Company  - shazidesigns / Pixabay

Showcasing your brand to your prospective customers is one of the most important things that you can do. By clearly establishing who you are, what you represent and what you stand for, you increase the chances of your customers buying from you.

This is also something that can set you apart from your competitors. Without a website, it can be incredibly challenging to do this because people can’t easily find quality and reliable information on your business.

Having a strong brand can also help you get a competitive advantage from your competitors for example a pizza shop having a website and custom made company logo makes their brand even stronger and more trust worthy.

Organic Traffic and Search Engine Visibility

Woman Laptop Business  - junaida279 / Pixabay

Once you’re online and have an SEO-optimized website, you have a chance of showing up in Google search results, Bing, Yandex and other search engines. This means that when people are searching for a product or service that is similar to the one you have to offer there is a chance your website will show up in the search results page.

This gives you the opportunity to drastically increase your customer base, increase sales and expand your business.

If you are targeting local customers you can also use tools like Google My Business so that when ever customers nearby are looking for services or products similar to yours it will show up in the search result with store location, map contact, opening hours and the rest.

if you wish to increase sales even more you can try setting up a campaign using Google Adwords for a paid search.


Saving You Time + Customer Service

Woman Agent Headphones Headset  - geralt / Pixabay

Many businesses get calls from prospects or existing customers asking simple questions about location and hours of operation. If you miss a call, the customer is left unhappy. Calls can also distract your staff from focusing on the most important parts of your business. A website can reduce these calls and increase internal productivity. At the same time, it helps customers find useful information without needing to call, which ultimately provides an all-around better user experience.

With a website you can create an FAQ page that have the answers to frequently asked questions by customers, that alone is a good enough reason why every business needs a website or should have a website.

Secondly Live Chat is now a trending support tool/plugin which you can use to offer support to online customers, you can as well use things like Ticket system, if you are running your website on WordPress you can simply install a free plugin for that.

Updates And Announcements

Woman Silhouette Megaphone Talk  - geralt / Pixabay

Since your website is on 24/7, it’s easy to post latest updates and announcements to your customers. It’s a way to keep them up to date about everything that you’re doing. When something is particularly relevant to them, it increases the chance of you being able to recommend other products/services to them.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Online Content  - Tumisu / Pixabay

If you plan on leveraging digital marketing to increase your leads and grow your business, you’ll likely want to drive traffic to a website or landing page. To do this effectively, leverage historic traffic that has been going to your website so you can target the most qualified customers and get the best ROI on your ad spend. This is something that can’t be set up retroactively, so it is best to get your website running early even if you’re not planning on running ads at the moment.

Websites have become essential to business today in the 21 century. must businesses now already have a website. so i will strongly recommend creating one if you haven’t done so already. if you need more help in creating your website, you can check our Website Design pricing.

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