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Top 10 Amazing Web Hosting Service Providers For Nigerian Websites

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In this post i am going to be sharing with you the “top 10 Reliable Web Hosting Service Providers for Nigerian Websites.” this will help you to choose which host best suits your needs for your upcoming website or blog, and will help you to make informed decision.

Best and most Reliable web hosting service companies in Nigeria

Top 10 Web Hosting Service Providers For Nigerian Websites

Lets face the fact, Every business needs a website this days be you a local plumber, a dentist, an electrician, musician, a photographer e.t.c.

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Having a website will give you an added advantage over your competitors, just imaging if someone is searching for “Photographers in Lagos Nigeria” and you have a photography website that targets that keyword and you are in Lagos, then your website will pop-up and if your competitor doesn’t have a website he/she wont be noticed.

secondly if you have a contact or email address on your website the person searching for your service can easily contact you and get directions to your office.

Now in as much as having a website is of great importance choosing the right platform and company to host your website is also important.

For example hosting your website on a server that often goes offline will cost your website to be going offline often and customers hate that.

What is a web hosting service?

web hosting is essentially a service that permits individuals or a group of individuals working in an organization to publish their blogs or websites everywhere on the World wide Web which can be accessed using a web browser.

A web hosting service provider is responsible for providing you a space to store important data, files, and many more that generally include HTML, image, videos, and a few other documents that make up your website or Blog Rean more on What is Web Hosting ?

Top 10 Web hosting companies For Nigerian Sites

1. Naijawebhost – Overall Best Web Hosting

Naijawebhost web hosting pricing

Starting from ₦200.00/month

Disk Space; 2GB SSD

Support; Phone, Live Chat, Tickets

Naijawebhost is a very reputable and reliable web hosting company in Nigeria and a domain registrar.

Naijawebhost’s web hosting service is specially tailored for businesses/persons who take speed as a major consideration to their websites.

With the use of LiteSpeed Server and NVMe SSD Storage, Naijawebhost servers are optimized for optimal speed delivery and maximum website security.

What is SSD Storage and What Are Its Benefits in Web Hosting?

The cheapest hosting plan (Hatching) of Naijawebhost, aimed for beginners, starting at ₦200/month The plan features to host 1 Website with 5 Gigabyte traffic also offers Free Domain for 1 year (, Free WP Installation, Free SSL, Free Email, Free custom themes and more. The other plans (Starter and Basic) are fitted to small businesses in Nigeria with the choice to host unlimited websites with unlimited visitors/months.


  • Fast loading time for websites
  • Free Domain for Life
  • Free Custom WordPress Themes
  • CDN to optimize speed for users around the globe
  • Good range of security features and daily backups
  • User-Friendly dashboard and control panel

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2. WhoGoHost – Runner-up

whogohost hosting plans

Price; ₦600.00 /Per Month!

Disk Space; 2GB

Support; LiveChat, Ticket

Whogohost has been providing web hosting services for Years and one of the first web hosting companies in Nigeria.

It is ranked as the number one web hosting company in Nigeria by popularity, but its a little bit expensive compared to Naijawebhost’s Hosting Plans and Prices.

3. QserVers

QServers is another old web hosting company in Nigeria for over a decade Qservers has been providing web hosting services to Nigerians.

QServers Pricing Starts at 700/month

The Starter plans gives you; 2GB Storage and 8GB Bandwidth.

This plan allows you to host just one website.

Top 10 Amazing Web Hosting Service Providers For Nigerian Websites

Whats Not Good with Qservers?

All Qservers’s plans allows you to host just one website, i.e no addon Domain allowed, also i have seen in the past people complaining of server Downtimes with Qservers.

4. Domainking are known for their competitive domain pricing, with their shared hosting plans starting at N416/month, it gives you 2GB Diskspace and unmetered Bandwidth.

Top 10 Amazing Web Hosting Service Providers For Nigerian Websites

5. Truehost

Truehost Shared Hosting plans starts at N300/month and it comes with 30GB Disk Space.

6. HostNowNow

7. Web4Africa

Web4Africa’s Starter hosting plan and pricing is as follows

Disk Space2 GB
Pricing₦800 / month

8. Utiware.

The Economy Linux Web Hosting Plan at Utiware which is the cheapest offers Disk Space, Bandwidth, Databases, and Email Accounts at a reasonable price.

  • 2 GB Disk Space
  • 5 GB Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Emails
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases

9. Garanntor

10. HostNowNow

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