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  • Free SSL with every plan.
  • Daily and Weekly Website Backups.
  • Free .ng Domain.
  • NVMe SSD Cloud Storage.
  • 24/7 Support
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naijawebhosy ratings

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SSD Hosting – Experience the Difference

Safe & Secure

Get Free Auto SSL will all our hosting plans, we do not charge extra.

NVMe SSD Web Storage

Get a free NVMe SSD storage which is 200x faster than HDD.

Secure Backups

We create Free Daily backups for all your websites.

100% Uptime

We Guarantee you 100% uptime on our powerful and fast LiteSpeed Web servers 

Dedicated Support

Our highly trained technical team is ready to attend to your queries 24/7, 365d/yr… 

Free Domain and SSL included

Get a free domain name registration for the first year and Unlimited free ssl certificate.

To qualify for a free domain registration you will need to sign-up for an annual plan (Yearly), and get any of the following domain extensions,, free for the first year

High-Performance SSD Web Hosting in Nigeria

All Our web hosting plans are highly optimized for the best speed delivery, thanks to LiteSpeed webserver and NVMe SSD “Solid State Drives” our which is 20X faster than Apache. and HDD.

Powerful & Easy-To-Use Control Panel

We provide free Cpanel control panel per user account, Cpanel is the most popular web hosting control panel, with Cpanel you can install and Deploy your websites in just minutes, manage your domains, ssl, disk usage and bandwidth and hundreds of web tools that make managing your websites super easy.

Why Choose SSD Web Hosting in Nigeria ?

Naijawebhost’s Super Fast SSD Shared Web Hosting is perfect for individuals and small businesses looking to host a personal website on our high-speed Super Charged SSD Servers. Powered by Solid State Drives all of our shared hosting packages include the LiteSpeed web server, Free and Automatic SSL, LiteSpeed Caching Plugin, Automatic daily and nightly website backups, and dedicated resources to run all of your favorite applications. We have auto installers that make installing content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla super easy  (it takes less than three minutes). You can sleep sound knowing all of your data is automatically backed up each night and week and you have the ability to restore these from right inside of your Naijawebhost cPanel.

Naijawebhost aims at providing the best web hosting experience to small medium and large businesses in Nigeria and beyond now you can host your website with ease of mind, we provide the best SSD Web Hosting experience so be it a blog, an Ecommerce store or a forum our servers are fully equipped to handle any amount of traffic and your website will never run slow on our Super Charged LiteSpeed web servers. 


Premium features offered for  free

LiteSpeed Web Server

With LiteSpeed web servers your website gets to load 20X faster than that of apache.

NVMe SSD Cloud Storage

with no moving parts ssd surpasses the traditional HDD which makes it harder to crash, gives you more security and a faster file delivery.

Daily & Weekly Backups

We create Free backups for all your websites which is usually a paid service but our customers get free of charge..

What is ssd hosting ? 

(HDD) also known as Hard Disk Drive acted as the default computer storage options for decades, but around 2009 there was a new question on everyone’s lips: what is SSD storage? The development of the solid-state drive (SSD) has provided computer owners with a new conundrum about how to store their files, with the debate about the merits of SSD and HDD migrating into the world of web hosting in recent years. 

Benefits of Choosing SSD web hosting

Website Speed

With an SSD there is no variable seek time or rotational latency, as every part of the SSD can be accessed in the same amount of time, which will make the execution time run faster, many Nigerian web hosting companies still run on HDD’s which makes websites super slow but with Naijawebhost’s SSD you wont ever have to worry about speed anymore.


Hard drives are more prom to mechanical failure because of their moving parts and the whole spinning process, which may cost you a lot of data lost.

With HDD You’re at risk for data loss is a drive fails. Hosting providers try to mitigate this flaw with HDDs by using RAID backup system (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks), but the risk still remains.

SSD on the other hand are resistant to physical damages like drops because they have no moving parts and doesn’t deal with a mechanical failure because they don’t undergo any spinning processes.

For anyone who cares about their data and website, selecting a SSD Web hosting is definitely the smart choice.


SSD is More Reliable

Because solid state drives don’t experience data fragmentation like hard disk drives, they’re able to offer more reliable performance. SSDs always know exactly where the needed data is, unlike the Hard drives.

Generally, SSDs are more durable than HDDs in extreme and harsh environments because they don’t have moving parts such as actuator arms. SSDs can withstand accidental drops, falls and other shocks, vibration, extreme temperatures, and magnetic fields better than HDDs.



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They have a good customer service that respond swiftly to any problems.
Odewole Olusegun

Content Creator, Italk Nigeria

This website is indeed a good one..the customer support was dope and was very active ….my account was active without much stress….Nice one keep it up
Adesola Oluwasegun Joshua

Web Developer

I just tried naijawebhost’s shared web hosting plan on a new website and my website loads up to 30x faster than y previous websites, they may not be the cheapest in Nigeria but Naijawebhost know the value of customers.
Becky Banks

Blogger , HostingTutorial