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How to Register Cheap Domain name in Nigeria

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What is the Domain name?

The Domain is a country code second-level domain(ccTLD) in Nigeria that is open for commercial and businesses entities. Domain is one of the most popular and easy to use Domain in Nigeria following the .com extension

Who can Register a Domain??

How to Register Cheap Domain


The Domain name is open to all commercial and businesses entities, there's no specific requirements for registering a domain. In fact all persons living in and outside Nigeria are qualified to register and use the domain.

How to Register Cheap Domain

What Are the Advantages of Having a Domain name??

How to Register Cheap Domain

Better Google Ranking

Having a Domain name will give you better ranking on Google especially for local searches, so your contents are more likely to appear first when someone performs a search on either google, bing or other search engines.

How to Register Cheap Domain

Customer Trust

By registering a domain, it gives your customers, the confidence and some level of trust that they can work with you..

How to Register Cheap Domain


The dot com dot ng domain is a very affordable domain in the domain market, for instance a .com domain may cost you at least 4500/year, but you can get a domain with as little as 1300 to 2000 naira depending on where you are buying it. in fact here at Naijawebhost, we offer free domain with some yearly hosting plans so be sure to check it out.