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Lifetime web hosting
Lifetime web hosting

How about a 25% Off our Lifetime Hosting plan?, Pay only once and use forever, no renewal and no hidden fees.


A Lifetime Web Hosting with Great Features

All our hosting plans are highly optimized for the best performance in the industry with a 99.99% uptime.

Lifetime web hosting

Free website Migration

We offer a free hosting account migration Contact us today to transfer your hosting account(s) to us.

Lifetime web hosting

Free Website Backup

We'll create a free daily and weekly backup of your website and files powered by Jet Backup.

Lifetime web hosting

NVMe SSD drives for all plans

For more speed we use NVMe solid-state drives on all our web hosting plans.

Lifetime web hosting

Free SSL Certificate

We provide Free Let's SSL certificate with each hosting account and unlimited domains usage.

Lifetime web hosting

Own firewall security rules

We wrote 800+ WAF rules to fix zero day vulnerabilities in the last 12 months.

Lifetime web hosting

Powerful Control Panel

Get a free CPanel control panel account with each hosting plan of our lifetime hosting plans.

Lifetime Web Hosting Pricing and plans

You never have to worry about paying for hosting again with our onetime, lifetime web hosting offer.

LFT Entry

75,000 50,000
No Renewal Pay Once only.
1 Website
50 GB Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth
5 Email Accounts
5 SQL Databases
Free SSL Certificate
24/7 Support

LFT Business

170,000 120,000
No Renewal Pay Once only.
Unlimited Websites
Unlimited Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Email Accounts
Unlimited SQL Databases
Free SSL Certificate
24/7 Support

LFT Advance

95,000 75,000
No Renewal Pay Once only.
5 Websites
100 GB Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited Email Accounts
Unlimited SQL Databases
Free SSL Certificate
24/7 Support

What makes us different ?

Web hosting is our craft. Latest speed technologies are our passion. Unique security solutions are our specialty. Amazing technical support is our pride.

Yes you can upgrade your account directly from your client dashboard in just two clicks, you can also change your billing term.

Our Lifetime Hosting plans come with a DirectAdmin Control panel and not Cpanel, directadmin is similar to Cpanel and very easy to use it also comes with a 1Click App installs like, WordPress, Joomla, Pretashop, WHMCS and more

Our customers love us because of our 99.99% uptime guarantee with 30 days money-back and no questions asked.

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First Lifetime Web Hosting provider in Nigeria

You never have to worry about web hosting renewal hike anymore, with naijawebhost’s unlimited lifetime hosting offer, get all the tools needed to run your website with a one time single payment.

we provide you with everything you need to run a successful website at the cheapest rate, take your business to the next level with naijawebhost’s onetime payment web hosting.

Web Servers optimized for your succes

People hate slow websites. Remember the last slow website you visited. How would you describe the experience, terrible right?.

That is why we are committed to delivering Ultra-Fast web hosting services thanks to our HTTP/3 feature CDN and NVMe Storage on a highly optimized LiteSpeed enterprise server.

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Lifetime Web Hosting Support That's Always Online 24X7X365 Days

Enjoy a lifetime of hosting with an awesome support our expert support team are always standing by 24X7X365 Ready and happy to help you with answers to your questions.

You can reach out to us via Email, Livechat support, Phone or open a ticket from the client area.

Better Website Security

Website security is a priority here at naijawebhost that’s why we utilize machine-learning technology to proactively protect your website from threats and any form of attacks. 

We have DDoS Protection enabled, Imunify360, Mod Security plugins also enabled directly in your CPanel account.

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The most Reliable Lifetime web Hosting platform in Nigeria

Server downtime is bad for any website be it a small blog or an eCommerce website.

We believe every website is entitled to 99.99 Uptime and we have been providing it since 2019. 

Best Web Hosting in Nigeria

If You’re looking for a reliable and affordable web hosting to house your website naijawebhost has i all.

We experts in web hosting, we provide you with all the tools and solutions to make it easy to host all your websites and APPS, enjoy faster websites when you host with Naijawebhost, better security and overall best uptime with 24/7/365 pro-active monitoring.

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Lifetime WordPress Hosting, Onetime payment WordPress Hosting

Our onetime payment lifetime web hosting plans are fully optimized for WordPress websites, a free CDN, SSL certificate, DDoS Protection, daily & weekly website backup already included.

Our Web Hosting FAQ

Most frequent asked web hosting questions and answers

Lifetime web hosting simply means a web hosting without recurring payments, normally web hosting services are recurring services, where you have monthly, quarterly, semi annual, annual, e.t.c billing cycles, here a lifetime web hosting allows you to pay for hosting only once.

Shared web hosting is when a websites is hosted on a server alongside other websites. Shared web hosting is the cheapest among all the types of web hosting and easy to set up as well.

Shared web hosting is best fit for new or small sites which don’t expect a huge traffic in the short term, that is why its best suitable for hosting small websites and personal and medium-sized websites and blogs.

Not at all! here at Naijawebhost, we make it as easy as possible for novice users to pick up the basics as they go along. Many of the everyday tasks, such as setting up an email address or installing a content management system (CMS), can be done with just a few clicks and with no technical knowledge whatsoever.

And if you need assistance with can help you all the way from beginning to finish.

However, don’t let that fool you – while it’s easy to pick up the basics and get going, our hosting packages are also suitable for experienced developers. After all, there’s no reason why something can’t be both user-friendly and powerful at the same time.

If you’re struggling, there’s no shortage of online guides to walk you through the most common tasks that you might want to carry out, and we also have a customer support team who’ll be more than happy to help if you get stuck. But for the majority of our customers, no help is needed – and if you just want to jump in and get started, it’s quicker and easier than signing up for a new social network.

Immediately! your hosting account will be automatically setup and activated the minute you complete the payment. That means our new and existing customers can get started straight away without any delay.

That depends – what kind of website do you have? And what’s your budget?

As a general rule, shared hosting is the best place for start-up, and our hosting is suitable for almost any kind of website. Our hosting helps you to keep the costs down during the early days of your website while allowing you to pay only for the resources that you need. If your website starts to to grow, you can then easily upgrade to higher hosting plan and get some extra resources.

Every website is different. If you’re not sure, you can get in touch with our support team to help you decide.

You might already be familiar with the term ‘bandwidth’ from your broadband provider. At its most simple level, bandwidth is a term that refers to how much data can pass along an internet connection.

When a user accesses your website, they send a request to the server and the server responds by literally serving up your website. Think of it as like turning on a tap. The more that people visit your website, the more water is flowing along the pipe, until you reach a point at which the pipe is full of water and it’s running at full capacity.

The same idea applies to your website. If too many people are trying to access it at the same time, the pipe is filled up and the site starts to slow down and even to stop working altogether. And your hosting bandwidth is what determines the width of that pipe.

Here at naijawebhost you’ll get unlimited hosting bandwidth with almost all our hosting plans and we do not limit how many visitors you get.

MySQL is an open source database management system that uses structured query language (SQL) to access, add to and manage the content of a database. The fact that it’s an open source tool means that it’s a popular choice for software developers, which is why it forms the backbone of many of the most popular operating systems.

Most modern content management system (such as WordPress, WHMCS, Joomla e.t.c) use databases to store data. Every change that you make in the CMS is recorded in the MySQL database, and then every time a visitor arrives on the site, the content of that database is served up to them.

An SSL certificate is a small data file that uses a cryptographic key to digitally tie your company’s identity with the files that are stored on your webserver. The idea is to prove the identity of the publisher of a webpage and to reduce the likelihood of a visitor accessing sensitive areas of a website without the appropriate security.

That’s why we offer free and unlimited SSL certificate with all our hosting plans.

When a website has been secured with an SSL certificate, a visitor will see a padlock icon in their web browser and they’ll be connected to the site using the https:// protocol. With the SSL certificate in place and the user accessing the site through https, the connection between the browser and the web server has been secured and sensitive information can safely be transferred.

That’s why people use SSL certificates on e-commerce websites and other types of website that process credit card transactions and other financial information.

There are plenty of different ways in which you can build a website, and it’s our duty to make it as easy as possible for you to do that.

We want you to be able to sign up and start building your website straight away with no delay, and that is why we include a free custom website publisher in your control panel. which is an easy to use website building software

If you just want to get started, the best option for you is to use the auto installer from your control panel to install a content management system (CMS) like WordPress, Joomla, PretaShop,WHMCS etc. which you can customize to suit your needs, whether you’re setting up a blog or whether you’re creating a website for your business. With a CMS, you can create new pages and customize the look and feel of your site without any technical coding or programming knowledge.

Many webmasters use WordPress which is the most popular CMS in the world. All our hosting plans are fully compatible and optimized for WordPress.

But if WordPress doesn’t meet your requirements or isn’t just your taste, don’t worry. We also offer (website publisher) which is an intuitive drag and drop website builder that’s designed to get your site live in five minutes with no coding and no technical knowledge needed.

Yes – we offer full hosting account transfer/migration for free, so if you have an existing web hosting account elsewhere that you wish to transfer to us then we’ll be happy to help out, just reach out to our support team and we can transfer your website in  less than 48 hours depending on how large it is.

One of the benefits of choosing Naijawebhost as your hosting provider. is that we make the upgrade procedure as simple as possible so that you can start on our budget plans which are the most affordable and upgrade to a higher plan as your website starts to grow.

Many other hosting providers will try to talk you into taking out plans that you neither need nor want. We do not agree with that. We believe you should pay only for the resources that you need.

We take security very as a top priority because there’s no point having a website if you can’t be sure that it’s safe from attack. We use Imunify360, Leech protection, IP Blocker, Mod Security, and Two factor authentication, to protect all of our users, and we go out of our way to ensure that our servers are the strongest and most secured. This includes running advanced, custom-built security software and regularly updating our infrastructure.

Of course! We’re all about helping our customers to get their businesses off the ground, and that means that we support e-commerce sites on any of our plans. You can also take advantage of our auto-installers to set up a range of content management systems (CMS) and e-commerce platforms

Yes !!, all our shared hosting plans are WordPress compatible and support over 300 other CMS management systems (CMS) and e-commerce platforms.

All plans comes with a 1 click WordPress install and WordPress manager by softaculous.