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Pointing your domain to naijawebhost nameservers

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if you’ll like to point your domain which is registered elsewhere to your naijawebhost hosting account use the nameservers sent to your email withing your hosting account welcome email.

Note that naijawebhost has so many nameservers and you can only determine your nameservers from the email sent to you, if you can’t find the email in your inbox then check your spambox.

to do this you need to login to your domain registrar dashboard (where your domain is registered)

goto domains, locate the domain which you would like to use
next click on manage and click nameservers.
select use costume nameservers and in the first box replace the nameservers present if any with

  • Nameserver 1:
  • Nameserver 2:
  • Nameserver 3:

click save. wait for some minutes or hours depending on your host. you are done.

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Table of Contents