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How to Login to Cpanel Naijawebhost

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There are two ways you can login to your Cpanel

1. By typing your main domain name followed by /cpanel.

here all you need to do is type your main domain name in the address bar eg and use your cpanel password and username to login.

in other for this to work you must make sure that your main domain points to naijawebhost nameservers i.e ns1, and

2. Through the main dashboard

you can login to your Cpanel directly from your naijawebhost dashboard without typing your username or password to do this visit

Once you are logged in go to services and then click on the web hosting plan you want to log in to.

Now you will see a dropdown click on log in and you will be automatically redirected to your CPanel account.

Here is a video bellow to help explain this better.

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Table of Contents