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How to Create Add-on & Sub-Domain in New CPanel

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CPanel latest version has discontinued/removed the sub-domain and addon domain links from the CPanel homepage, most users that are familiar with the old cpanel interface now find it difficult to create addon and sub-domains with the new CPanel Jupitar theme.

All our hosting plans now use the latest CPanel version and interface.

What is a sub-domain ?

A subdomain is a division or a subsection of a larger domain that functions as an independent website with its own unique content and specific IP address. It appears as a prefix added before the main domain name. For example, “”.

How to Create Sub-Domain in New CPanel

How to Create Sub-domain in New CPanel

Login to CPanel and scroll down to the domains section from your CPanel dashboard, and click on the domains icon.

Cpanel domains

You’ll then be redirected to the domains interface and unlike with the old CPanel interface here you’ll have just one option “Create a new domain”.

Click on the “Create a new domain” Button and you’ll be taken to the next page.

creating new domain in Cpanel latest version

lets say here i’m creating a subdomain “” in the new domain box i’ll enter “” and in the box where it says share document root i’ll untick it.

create a sub-domain

leave everything else the way it is, scroll down and click submit and wait for the sub-domain to be created.

sub-domain created

You should see a success message e.g “Success: You have successfully created the new “testsite1.webhos********.xyz

Thats how you can create a Sub-domain in the new CPanel version with the jupitar theme.

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Table of Contents