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How to force HTTPS on website without a plugin

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i’ll be taking you on a step by step tutorial on how you can force the ssl https on your website to work from your cpanel and without needing a plugin.

we all know that security is of great importance and google now ranks websites based on user trust and security, that is why every website needs to have an ssl certificate.

sometimes even after installing an ssl certificate your website might still be showing an error sign because of ssl error or if someone tries to access it via http instead of the https secure connection.

thankfully at naijawebhost you’ll get a free and auto ssl with unlimited domains to use.

so how do you force the ssl on your website to work even after getting a free ssl certificate?

Steps on how to force the https on website

  1. Login to Cpanel and locate the domains tab.
  2. click on domains and wait for it to load, now look for the domain in question
  3. Now click on force ssl and draw the toggle to the right.
cpanel domains
Cpanel Domains
domains ssl redirect tab
Cpanel SSL redirect

Thats all, now if you try accessing your domain through a url like it will automatically redirect to ssl site.

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Table of Contents