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How to Increase WordPress Max Upload File Size in Cpanel

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In this post i’m gonna be showing you how you can Increase WordPress Max Upload File Size directly from your Cpanel.


A low WordPress upload size limit may limit you from uploading large media files, themes, plugins, images and other large files directly from your WordPress dashboard.

This may be hectic for someone looking to build a heavy media website, this can be solved by editing the settings and increasing your maximum file upload size.

How to increase WordPress Maximum file upload size

cdn, wordpress, files and folders

There are basically two approaches to this.

  1. First is to set it up From Cpanel
  2. and the second is to set it from the WordPress Admin dashboard using a plugin.

Changing WordPress max upload size from Cpanel

  1. Login to your cpanel interface
  2. Look under the software heading
  3. Locate and click on > MultiPHP INI Editor,
Cpanel, software tab

You will then be taken to the PHP editor page, this is where you can Configure PHP INI basic settings.

PHP ini editor page

Next you’ll be provided with the php default values.

configuration file of maximum upload file size image

Here you can see the the upload max file size is set to 32M which means 32 megabyte as default, so if you’re ever planning to upload a media file directly from the WordPress admin dashboard that is bigger than 32megs then it won’t work.

so to fix this just change the post max size and the upload max file size to a higher value e.g 2000M which means 2Gigabyte and click on apply.

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How to increase WordPress max upload size using a plugin

Optionally you can increase the maximum upload size or file limit using a plugin.

WordPress upload size increase plugin

just login to your WordPress admin dashboard, click on plugins, Add new plugin and search for ‘Increase maximum upload file size‘ in the search box.

plugin, increase maximum upload file size

Click on install, and then wait till it finish installing an click on activate to activate the plugin.

Now to configure it; Goto Settings >increase maximum upload file size > choose the maximum upload file size > Save Changes.

plugin setting page for increasing WordPress maximum upload file size

That’s all, now you can change you maximum file upload size to whatever you like.

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