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How To Setup QUIC.CLOUD CDN on a WordPress Website?

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Want to know how to setup CDN on your WordPress website ?, in this post i’m going to be showing you an easy step by step guide on how to do so..

quic cloud cdn image

Overview of cdn is a content delivery network (CDN) which was created by LiteSpeed technologies and only accessible to WordPress website.

The service are available only to websites thats uses LiteSpeed servers. and there’s an available WordPress plugin which is the (LiteSpeed Cache plugin) which you can use to establish the connection between your WordPress Website and the Network.

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  1. WordPress Website
  2. LiteSpeed Cache WordPress Plugin

once you have the above mentioned ready, that is a Working WordPress Website and have installed LiteSpeed cache plugin, you can proceed with the setup of the quic cloud cdn.

How to link WordPress to Quic.Cloud CDN

  1. Login to your WordPress Dashboard.
  2. Locate the LiteSpeed Cache Plugin > General tab.
  3. under the general tab click on request domain key
How To Setup QUIC.CLOUD CDN on a WordPress Website?

After that you’ll see a message saying requested, which means your request has been sent, next > Refresh the page and you’ll see your domain key.

How To Setup QUIC.CLOUD CDN on a WordPress Website?

Linking Your Website to Quic .cloud

after completing the above step you’ll then have the option to link your WordPress website to

Just Click on the Button Link to

You will then be redirected to website to login or sign up. sign in/sign up page

Enter your Email address to login or sign-up, if you already have an account with your site will then be automatically added and you’ll be redirected back to your WordPress Dashboard. Domain key

A new button will then appear (Visit my Dashboard on this confirms that your WordPress website is now linked to

Now your website is linked to and is already using some of the features which includes image optimizations and critical CSS generation but we still need to make some configurations before we can start using the CDN service. we will have to make some DNS Changes. services overview

Enable CDN

Firs you need to enable the use of CDN from your WordPress Dshboard.

  1. Login to your WordPress Dashboard
  2. Goto LiteSpeed Cache Tab
  3. Click on CDN
  4. Click the toggle to > ON > and Click on > Save Changes
Enabling CDN in WordPress dashboard

Login back to your Dashboard and goto the CDN Tab,

Enabling CDN in QUIC,cloud

Once you click on Enable CDN, CDN will be enabled on your website and you will be provided with a CNAME, you will have to point your Domain to the provided CNAME in order to use Full CDN Services.

QUIC.Cloud CNAME record

Updating Your DNS Records

after you must have been provided with the CNAME the next thing you need to do is to goto your DNS management tool and insert the CNAME record given to you by

To do this; Login to your CPanel > Locate Zone Editor under > Domains.

DNS Zone Editor

You will be taken to the DNS Zone editor page, once you are there click on the CNAME record on the domain you wish to add the record to (that is the domain you are adding cdn services to).

CNAME record domain

Now a popup will appear and there you can insert the Record given to you from the dashboard.

Adding CNAME record in CPanel

In the field “Name” just put quic and in the CNAME field, insert the record and click on Add A CNAME Record.

Verify is CDN is enabled.

You can verify if your integration to the CDN service was successful by doing a HTTP/3 check simply visit, put in your website address and click on check.

HTTP/3 test

You should be able to see QUIC is supported and HTTP/3 is supported which means you website is now connected to CDN service.

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