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How to Make WordPress Website 200x Faster in 5 Minutes

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In this post i’m going to show you how you can optimize a WordPress website and make it 200x faster than it used to be in just 5 minutes or less.

Here is a picture of performance report of the website before it was optimized, in this tutorial i’m going to be optimizing a website called

How to Make WordPress Website 200x Faster in 5 Minutes

In this tutorial we’re going to be using just one plugin to optimize this website and the plugin is Webcraftic Clearfy

its a free WordPress Optimization plugin, it can;

  1. Clear website code from trash;
  2. Eliminate the WordPress vulnerabilities;
  3. Speed up search engine indexing;
  4. Fix another plugin’s bugs;
  5. Make your WordPress easier, more convenient and faster.

so lets get started

Installing and setting up the plugin

install Webcraftic Clearfy – WordPress optimization plugin

WordPress Plugins Add New

Go to your WordPress Dashboard Click on Plugins then add new
search for

Search For Webcraftic Clearfy in the search box

Webcraftic Clearfy

wait for the plugin to finish

Next it will take you to the plugin configuration wizard page

clearfy welcome page

once you are in the page of the configuration wizard click yes, i want to try the wizard.

Site test #1

How to Make WordPress Website 200x Faster in 5 Minutes

it will then test and see how fast your website is wait till the test is done running.
now you can see the score and it says 41 on Desktop and 12 on Mobile.
Click continue to proceed to the next page.

Setup Plugins

install plugins

Next it will analyzed your site and decide that in order to get the maximum result in optimizing your site, you will need to install additional plugins.
just install and activate all the plugins, once you are done click continue.

Optimize speed

speed optimization page

Next you will be taken to the Optimize speed page, here it will ask to optimize things like JavaScript, Html, CSS and the rest, for the sake of this tutorial and to avoid breaking things here just leave everything as it is. and click continue

Optimize SEO

optimize seo

Next it will take you to the seo optimization page which includes things like;
1. Automatically set the alt attribute
2. Automatically insert the Last Modified header
3. Return an If-Modified-Since responce
4. Remove archives date
5. Remove author archives
6. Remove attachment pages
7. Remove ?replytocom
here you should turn everything on, unless if you have multiple authors for your blog then turn off the remove auto archives feature.

Optimize images

Optimize images with robin image optimizer

You can run background image optimization with the Robin image optimizer component of the Clearfy plugin. Background optimization is a long process, your images will be optimized after some time, so you won’t be able to immediately see the improvement in Google Page Speed, but when the images are fully optimized you will see a score increase in Google Page Speed
So this process will actually take longer than expected but all you need to do for now is click Schedule Optimization and continue.

Site Test 2

How to Make WordPress Website 200x Faster in 5 Minutes

Next it will test your website for the second time using google pagespeed insights to see major improvements.
Now you can see that it went from 41 on Desktop and 12 on Mobile. to 62 on Desktop and 15 on Mobile.

Latest Performance After Optimization

latest performance report after the optimization

Thats all for now if you have any questions leave a comment below.

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