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How to Get Free SSL For your Website in Nigeria

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Website security is very important and everyday we look for the best ways to secure our websites from hackers, so in this post we’re going to be looking at How to get a free SSL for your Website in Nigeria.

If you’re looking to secure your website from hackers We have written this article to help people looking to make their See How to Install SSL Certificate from CPanel.

Why pay for SSL Certificate when you can get i for free??

Incase you don’t know “SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer”, which denotes an extra layer of security for a website HTTPS. When visitors land on an SSL-protected website, they know their connection to the site is encrypted.

Recently browsers even warn users on visiting a website which does not have a SSL Certificate installed which makes the website untrustworthy.

Encryption simply means that hackers won’t be able to intercept any data that’s exchanged between visitors’ browser and the server and all information can be transported securely.

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How to Get free SSL Certificate for life

There are many SSL Certificate Vendors out there but what if you can get an SSL Certificate for free?. That’s where naijawebhost comes in, here at naijawebhost SSL Certificate is free forever because we believe every website deserves to be secured.

How do you get a free SSL Certificate ??

To qualify for a free SSL Certificate for life all you have to do is to get a hosting plan from naijawebhost and we’ll issue a free SSL certificate for your website instantly.

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