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How To Create Your First Post on WordPress

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Publishing a new post on WordPress is probably one of the easiest things to do either for a newbie or a pro blogger but at the same time it can be confusing as well, so in this post i’m going to show you “How to Create Your First Post on WordPress”.

Wordpress Blog Software Blogging  - viarami / Pixabay

Step 1

Login to Your WordPress Dashboard and Navigate to Posts > Add New.

add new post

It will then take you to the post page, where you can create your post.

WordPress post page

To add a new post you will need to first Add the post title, in the area marked as “Add Title” you need to enter the title you want your post to have.

and in the text area below that is where your post content needs to be typed.

How To Create Your First Post on WordPress

To add a new heading or sub heading to your post just click on the Plus icon > then Heading

add wordpress post heading

So also if you wish to Add a List of items just click on the plus icon > then List do same for other things like images paragraph and the rest.

Post Categories.

Post categories are a great way of organizing your posts based on similarities for example you can have category for blogging, marketing and the rest.

The blogging category should include all posts related to blogging so also the marketing category.

To add a new category you can click on the Setting Icon > Post > Categories > Add New Category.

Where you see New category name, just add the name of the category you would like to create then click Add New Category, and it will be added.

add new category in worpress

Add Post Tags

How To Create Your First Post on WordPress

tag is simply a label or a keyword you assign to your post

to add a new post tag Navigate to Post > Tags > Add New Tag

Then add all your tags and separate them with a coma.

adding a wordpress post tag

How To add Featured Image.

Featured image of a post is an image that displace alongside the link of the post or page when shared on social media.

To add a featured image to your post Navigate to Settings > Post > Featured Image> Add New.

You can then select an image from your library or choose to upload a new one from your phone or computer.

How to add featured image on WordPress

Publish the post.

once you are done with everything and creating your post content you can then click publish in other for your post to be live.

publish wordpress post button

You are all Done and your post should now be live and available to the general public.

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