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How to create an Affiliate Site in WordPress

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In this article, we will learn how to create an affiliate site in WordPress.

This article will help you learn how to create an affiliate site in WordPress. This article will teach you how to set up your own affiliate site, which means that when someone buys something from your website, they get paid by the product’s manufacturer.

It’s also important to understand that when people visit an affiliate site and click on a link for one of the products advertised on it—which could be anything from clothes or tech products like phones and laptops—they aren’t necessarily purchasing these items themselves; instead, they’re simply getting information about them via those links (which may or may not lead directly into an online store).

Step 1: Choose a host, install WordPress, and update plugins

How to create an Affiliate Site in WordPress
  • Choose a Host

If you don’t already have a hosting provider, you’ll need to choose one that’s going to work for your needs. You can use any type of hosting service, but if it’s not optimized for WordPress and fast enough for your site, then it won’t be able to serve up pages quickly enough or offer other benefits like automatic backups and tracking tools. Make sure the host supports PHP 5.3 or higher before signing up so that all necessary functions are available on the server when installing WordPress.

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  • Install WordPress

Once you’ve chosen a host and entered their login information into your browser window (we’ll go into more detail about how this works later in this article), click the “install” button at the top right corner of their page to begin downloading their dashboard software onto your computer’s hard drive; if necessary, allow them access through an administrative command prompt using commands such as su – cPanel (for Unix-based systems) or su – cPanelAdmin (for Mac OS X).

Step 2: Create an online store

How to create an Affiliate Site in WordPress

Now you’re ready to set up your online store.

  • Install and activate Easy Affiliate:
  • Set up your affiliate program settings:

Step 3: Easy Affiliate must be installed and activated

How to create an Affiliate Site in WordPress

Now that you have the website up and running, you can start installing and activating Easy Affiliate. First, log into your WordPress dashboard by visiting Next, click on the “Plugins” menu at the top of your screen and then click on “Add New Plugin” in order to upload Easy Affiliate (zip file).

Next, go back to your WordPress admin panel where you should see an area called “Plugins” with all available plugins listed underneath it. Click on “Install Now” under each plugin until all are installed successfully; this will take some time depending on how many plugins are being installed! Once completed successfully, click here —> Click Here To Activate!

Step 4: Set up your affiliate program

How to create an Affiliate Site in WordPress

Now that you’ve created your affiliate program, it’s time to configure the settings. To do this:

  • Choose your affiliate program. This is the URL where people can go to sign up for your affiliate program and get access to special offers from you or other affiliates in their area (like Amazon).
  • Choose your affiliate ID. This will be used as a unique identifier when sending emails during the sign-up process, so make sure it has no spaces! You can find this by going into Settings > General > Affiliates & Recipients at the top right of the WordPress dashboard and clicking on “Create New Affiliate Program.”

You should also make sure that there aren’t any spaces in either of these fields because they’re case sensitive and if there are any then you won’t be able to use them later on down the line when creating links within emails sent out by yourself or other affiliates using different names than what’s listed here under General Settings section above (i.e. if someone else uses my old name instead).

Step 5: You can create banners and links for your affiliates

How to create an Affiliate Site in WordPress

Now that you have your site design and content in place, it’s time to look at the last step of setting up an affiliate program. This is where you need to create links and banners for your affiliates.

You should have a link in your footer that says “Click here for more information about how I can help you make money online!” or something similar. You also need some kind of banner image on each page with text like “click here now!” or something similar so people know where they can go if they want more info about what kind of products/services are available through this site (this might even include an offer for freebies).


You have successfully created your own website. You can now promote affiliate products on your website and make money!