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Guidelines for Submitting Guest article:

This is a niche blog and we cover about three major industry: Domain business and web hosting industry, Business and Blogging.

below are the guidelines for submitting a guest post to our blog.

  • Your article should be personal and should have a purpose of educating users with your knowledge. Do remember, at a given time only one person will be reading your post, so use “You” tone in your submission. ( Note: Read how I’m using You tone through out this page).
  • We allow submission via WordPress dashboard, and all you need to do is register yourself below and submit your guest post.
  • Your Article should be original and in English. We have set down a minimum of 400 Words requirement ( Depending upon the topic of the article), to ensure guest post covers all the aspect of post topic.
  • Add images with your post to make the article more appealing.
  • You are free to submit and share your blogging, domain, hosting and online business journey and reviews but we do not allow self-promotion of any kind or submitting article to just for SEO stuff.
  • Rest, remember to write for users and submit something creative and original.

You can always drop an Email ( before writing to discus the post topic, this will ensure faster approval. In case you are aware of general blogging standard, you can sign-up using below link and submit your guest post. Feel free to get in touch.

Register and Submit your guest post

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