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Cost Of shared Web Hosting in Nigeria

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Today in this post i’m going to be sharing with you the “Cost of Shared web hosting in Nigeria” and the most cheapest and reliable web hosting services in Nigeria.

Having a website is of vital use to every business this days as it gives you added advantages over your competitors but knowing how much it costs or how much a shared web hosting server costs will help you make informed decision.

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What is a Shared Hosting Server ?

Shared hosting is typically a type of hosting which allows for multiple websites to share a single IP Address, Storage, bandwidth and other resources so its basically the cheapest form of hosting in the market.

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How much does a shared hosting server costs in Nigeria

A shared hosting plan at Naijawebhost costs anything from N2400 per year or N200/monthly. to N2000/month.

At naijawebhost we offer various hosting plans for everyone’s needs starting from the cheapest to the more costly ones.

Naijawebhost web hosting pricing

Try out Naijawebhost today and you’ll love our shared hosting….

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