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Naijawebhost Affiliate Program

Join the only affiliate program that values your partnership. Get sales commission not only for annual plans as our competitors do! but monthly sales as well.

Affiliate Program

User-Friendly Affiliate Program

Get sales commission not only for yearly plans as our competitors do! but monthly sales as well.


Sign-Up Is FREE

Sign-Up is free, fast and easy, just create an account and get approved instantly


Free Sign-up Bonus

Get a free N500 Sign-Up Bonus when you join our affiliate program


Promotional Materials

We have banners already designed which you can simply embed on your website and start promoting right away.

Affiliate Program

High Commision Rate

Our web hosting packages and plans generate one of the highest conversion rates in the web hosting industry.

Our high conversion rates mean that the people who you send here are more likely to buy our products. Of course, we cannot prove that either, but if you don’t trust us, why would you want to refer people here?

Earn Up To 50% Commission!

Not only can you join our team and help spread the word about your favorite products, you can get rewarded for your efforts. Our system tracks referrals and pays top commissions for every client an affiliate send our way.

Affiliate Program